The results are in and we are proud to announce Lee & Associates Vancouver’s Top Deals for 2018. Congratulations to all our brokers!

415-485 Marie Place
North Vancouver
Sold for $20,410,000

Purchased by Fairborne Properties Ltd.
Brokered by Martin Delafontaine and Arash Rezai

1906 Haro Street
Sold for $13,200,000

Purchased by 1166238 BC Ltd.
Brokered by Arash Rezai

19209-19239 96th Avenue
Sold for $11,000,000

Purchased by Leavitt Holdings Inc.
Brokered by Sebastian Espinosa and Steve Caldwell

7520-7550 Conrad Street

Purchased by CREC Commercial Fund LP
Brokered by Steve Caldwell

1801 Commercial Drive &
1656 East 2nd Avenue, Vancouver

Purchased by Lynco Management Services Ltd.
Brokered by Ryan Barichello and
Chris McIntyre

1955 East Hastings Street

Purchased by Reliance Properties Ltd.
Brokered by Ryan Saunders and
Mitch Ellis

4916 275th Street
123,500 SF

Leased to Thomson Technology Power Systems
Brokered by Sebastian Espinosa

Units 101-107, 100-103 & 106 –
1 & 3A Burbidge Street, Coquitlam
84,083 SF

Leased to N.I.I. Northern International Inc.
Brokered by Sebastian Espinosa and Steve Caldwell

6228 Beresford Street
59,400 SF

Leased to Silverstand Production Services Inc.
Brokered by Scott Primrose and
John Primrose

Unit B, 3750 North Fraser Way
44,779 SF

Leased to Lifetec Construction Group
Brokered by Chris McIntyre and
Steve Caldwell

1989 Marine Drive
North Vancouver
32,187 SF

Leased to Steve Nash Fitness World and UFC Gym
Brokered by Neil McAllister

7350 Edmonds Street
21,524 SF

Leased to Crunch Fitness
Brokered by Neil McAllister