The Largest Broker-Owned Commercial Real Estate Firm in North America

Since 1979, Lee & Associates has reimagined the way that commercial real estate companies should be structured. Each Lee & Associates office is owned and operated by its professionals. As shareholders of the company, this separates us from our competition and creates one common goal; to provide seamless, consistent execution and value-driven market-to-market services to our clients. The unique service platform has attracted some of the most experienced and talented real estate professionals in the industry.

Lee & Associates offices delivers world-class service to an array of regional, national, and international clients—from small businesses and local investors to major corporate users and institutional investors. Our professionals combine the latest technology, resources and market intelligence with their experience, expertise and commitment to superior service to optimize results.

With offices in 75+ markets across the US and Canada, and a strategic international alliance with Gerald Eve in Europe, Lee & Associates has the ability to deliver first-class services to our clients both locally and internationally.

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