Business Sales & Acquisitions Services

We offer customized services tailored to the individual needs of business owners in the small to medium business categories across Western Canada. Our clients typically have going concern business enterprises and each business is uniquely different; so should be your selling or buying strategy. Our Vancouver-based Business Sales & Acquisitions Specialists will work with you and your advisors to prepare your business to be in a strong position that is ready to sell or transition out of, develop a transitioning and marketing strategy that targets and vets the most suitable new owners, negotiate the entire transaction on your behalf, and protect the confidential material and information of all parties involved.

Selling and buying a business can be stressful. We strive to minimize the pain that the process may introduce and provide the highest value transactions so our clients can move on to the next stage of life. Our primary services include seller represented business transactions, buyer represented business acquisitions, and business valuation and growth strategies.

Buy a Business

Buyer Represented Acquisitions

We provide expert negotiating, cash flow analysis, financing solutions, and deal structures for clients looking to acquire a business up to $10M including or excluding property. Purchasing real estate with a business provides for some additional financing leverage and is often an excellent strategy. Our professional team of business and real estate advisors at Lee & Associates will ensure our buyer clients structure a deal that minimizes financial exposure and achieves a high-value transaction that is confidential and expeditious.

Sell a Business

Seller Represented Business Transactions

Lee & Associates provides business transaction services for small/medium business owners ranging in $1M to $10M in business value, excluding property. Real estate is in addition to this and our professionals are experts at packaging up your business and real estate into a comprehensive valuation report, confidential information memorandum (CIM), and marketing package to attract your perfect buyer. The process is completely confidential and once our services are retained it takes an average of eight months to complete the transaction.

Business Valuations & Growth Strategies

A proper business valuation performed in accordance with “The National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts” professional standards is key to determining value and that is the starting point for selling a business. Most business owners are unaware of the market value of their business. There are three main methods of determining value, Asset Approach, Income Approach, and Market Approach. Using primary research on the economy, industry, company, rigorous analysis of financial statements, interviews with key people, commercially available databases, and professional judgement we can ascertain an accurate representation of value and provide a detailed report to assist our clients in making major business decisions. Often this is selling; however, it often leads to an internal improvement assessment and the implementation of a customized growth strategy in preparation for a future sale.