Metals Recycling Business

Lower Mainland, BC, Canada
Metals Recycling Business
10,019   SF
$ 1,900,000.00



Lower Mainland, BC, Canada

The Offering

The industrial recycling industry presents a lucrative business opportunity, especially in British Columbia, Canada, owing to its remarkable growth and sustainability efforts. In recent years, the recycling sector in British Columbia has witnessed significant expansion due to increased awareness about environmental conservation and government initiatives promoting recycling practices. This growth trajectory is expected to continue, creating a stable market for recycling businesses. Profit margins in the industrial recycling industry are robust, driven by the demand for recycled materials and the cost-effectiveness of reusing resources. Additionally, there is a growing focus on social responsibility, with consumers and businesses alike preferring ecofriendly options. Entrepreneurs in this industry can align their business goals with environmental conservation, contributing to a greener planet.


Property Size: 10,019  SF
Property Type: Business
Property Status: For Sale
Sale Type: Share Sale
Ownership Type: Corporation
Working Capital: $200,000 included
Property Details: 10,019 SF leased industrial facility