Industrial Tools & Consumables Business with Property

Greater Vancouver, BC, Canada
Industrial Tools & Consumables Business
8,500  SF
$ 7,980,000.00



Greater Vancouver, BC, Canada

The Offering

Investing in the industrial and construction tools and fastener industry is a strategic move that promises lucrative returns and long-term stability. Nowhere is this more evident than in British Columbia, Canada, where the industry has witnessed remarkable growth in recent years. With the region’s booming construction sector and increased infrastructure projects, the demand for high-quality industrial tools is soaring. Profit margins in this industry are notably robust, offering substantial opportunities for entrepreneurs seeking a thriving business venture. According to market forecasts, the industrial construction tool sector in British Columbia is projected to continue its upward trajectory, making it an ideal time to seize the opportunity.


Price: $ 7,980,000.00
Property Size: 8,500
Property Type: Business
Property Status: For Sale
Sale Type: Share Sale
Ownership Type: Corporation
Working Capital: $800,000 target included
Property Details: 8,500 SF strata unit ($5,590,000 - included in price)
Business Value: $2,390,000